Thursday, March 26, 2009

What We've Been Up To

We went to Uvalde last week for Spring Break..we had so much fun. It was nice to get away and relax. Caleb and Chloe really enjoy playing with Lynley and Royce too....after 4 days of playing nonstop they were all exhausted to say the least. The weather was nice and warm...the kids even did a little swimming. We caught minnows well Nicole and the kiddos caught them and then we fed them to the beta was crazy watching the beta attack and kill those poor fish. I took my camera and I guess I was having so much fun I forgot to take my camera out....hopefully next time I will snap a few pictures.

I took Conner and Chloe to the doctor on Monday. Chloe had a terrible cough while we were gone and Conner was coughing and pulling on his ears. The Doc said it was probably allergies for Chloe and Conner has another ear infection and is wheezing, so he prescribed an inhaler and a steroid. Caleb was feeling good, so he went to work with Matthew.

Today was western day at Caleb and Chloe's school. They looked so cute all dressed up in their western gear. While they were at school. I took Conner to the ENT (ear,nose,throat) Doctor to have his ears checked, and he still has an infection in his Right ear. The Dr says he needs tubes, so he is scheduled on the 17th of April. He told me to switch him to soy formula (which may decrease infections...don't ask why b/c I didn't think to ask) and he will check him a few days prior to surgery and if all looks well then we may post pone putting tubes in.

Conner has been crawling on all fours...he still does drag himself on occasion, but that boy is on the move. He also learned to pull up and boy oh boy is that boy into everything. He will pull up or at least try to pull himself on anything he can get his little hands on. Yesterday I caught him standing up to the dishwasher and looking out the window...he gets so excited..I guess he thinks he's big stuff. He's been shaking his head back and forth(like he's saying no)'s so cute..well at least at this age it is. He started clapping his hands when we sing patty cake...he's growing up too fast..I can't believe he's 9 months! Oh and he finally cut his other top tooth, so he now has 4!

Here are a few pictures!

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  1. I can not believe how big they all look. I saw the pictures on facebook and on some of them, it was hard to tell the difference between Conner and Caleb. We can not wait to see yall next weekend. Give them all kisses for me.