Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Fun

We went to a birthday party on Sunday at the CC Athletic Center and the kids had a blast! Chloe' thought she was a little gymnast....she walked the balance beam (she was a little scared at first and so was I since she is so graceful!:)) and swung from the uneven bars!! Caleb thought he was an acrobat...he had more fun jumping and flipping into the foam pit..which surprised me since he is definitely my cautious child! Conner enjoyed all the excitement and kids running around...he even got a chance to play in the foam pit! Although I think Conner's favorite part was the cake...he ate a whole piece by himself...my little piggy. I took him for his shots and check-up last week and he weighed 19 lbs 10oz...he definitely enjoys food! Here are a few pics from the party!
Chloe braving the balance beam!

Conner on the move!
Caleb using the foam cube as a weapon..such a boy!

Conner in the foam pit...boy did he think he was Big!

What a handsome boy!My little gymnast!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog World

I never thought I would enter the blog world...don't get me wrong I do lots of blog stalking, but I never thought I would be a blogger. However, I thought it would be a good way for friends and family to keep up with us and a good way for me to record day to day adventures of Caleb, Chloe' and Conner! Conner is now on the move and life is a little crazy because of it. It's one thing to keep up with him, but staying on top of Caleb and Chloe' is a whole other story! They are constantly leaving choking hazards on the floor (legos, paper, crumbs). Caleb is into obsessed with Star Wars and loves to play with Legos. Chloe' on the other hand enjoys aggravating Caleb...she loves to take his Star Wars men apart and hide all the pieces (heads, arms, body, etc.) in her room. She also enjoys playing with her babies...she has a huge imagination and will read books to her babies and make up the stories as she goes...its hilarious. I need to catch it on video! Caleb loves to watch movies and play his Nintendo DS and he does not enjoy hates playing outside. He tells me "It's too sweaty out there." Well I think I've rambled on long enough. I hope to keep this updated..we shall see!